Friday, April 13, 2012

A long time

It has been over 2 years since I personally posted on this blog.
I signed in out of chance a few weeks ago and saw a message from David that was in response to my last post. He wondered if it would be ok to post the article he has. Unusually for me, for the pre cancer me, exercise has actually become a huge part of my rehabilitation from treatment and my ongoing life.
I am now at a 2 year survival point. A huge milestone to achieve, with my next being a 5 year point. For the stage of disease that I had my "5 year survival" rate is in the range of 65-75%. While I'm sure that I will be in that group, and while I continue to live my life as though I am, it makes me very aware of the fact that many other women won't make it. I have general health, youth (relatively) and now exercise on my side.
The treatment has finished, but I do still live with the after effects and scars - both physically and emotionally. Our journey post treatment took us on the most amazing tour of the world, has walked me through the complexities and frustrations of dealing with acc, and nearly to a journey of surrogacy - which just wasn't to be.
I passed my exams and am now just enjoying living. I am ever inspired by Dr Jared Noel. I have never met him, but he works at Aucklandw hospital. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer shortly after graduating from med school and after getting married. He has continued to work alternate weeks while attending chemo the other week. An incredible inspiration and example on how to live despite disease.

I'm not sure if anyone will read this, but as before, the exercise itself for me is therapeutic.

I now understand the term and will use it here: live strong.

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