Monday, February 8, 2010

a little bit of good news

not going to type much today. a bit too sore, and feeling a little bit sick.
I had keyhole surgery yesterday to pickup the IVF induced eggs. And my right ovary seemed to have been doing what it was supposed to. Whoop Whoop, 2 eggs. They took the right ovary out too, so that it can be frozen (although it can't be thawed in New Zealand. We would have to fly to the states or australia to do that)
My lovely anaesthetist (Jo) thought I would be too sore to go home and would have to stay in hospital last night. But I think I was more sore when I spent a day at snow planet failing terribly at snow boarding! So we came home last night. I spent most of the afternoon/evening just lying on the couch. I was too nauseated (and then sick) to do anything else. We might have to get used to me feeling nauseated for the next little bit anyway.
This morning I got the call I really wanted. That one of the eggs had successfully fertilized and was going to be frozen! Yay - the injections paid off and it was the little follicle that could!

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